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Blue Plasma Tape

Blue Plasma Tape

Blue Plasma Tape

ET23810 thermal spray masking tape is a blue - silicone rubber-coated glass fabric with a high temperature silicone adhesive.

The silicone rubber is tough and abrasion resistant to withstand high temperatures and grit blasting impact.

The silicone adhesive provides excellent adhesion at high temperatures yet will remove cleanly.

Listed on Rolls Royce CSS13

Supplied as 10 thou 33m x 914mm master roll slit to your required width. 

Off the shelf widths: These widths are our most popular sizes, you can have any width you desire from 12mm up to the full width of 914mm please contact us for other widths.




Typical Properties

All values shown are approximate and are intended solely as a guide. No responsibility is accepted for their accuracy. It is the user's responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for the intended application.

ET23810 plasma tape is a one-step thermal spray masking tape which can be used in:

  • Grit Blast
  • Plasma Spray
  • one masking application 
  • Prevents bridging during metallization processes
  • Excellent protection for Grit blasting
  • High Temperature Masking
  • Blue for easy identification 

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