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Elder Tape and Rubber help many packaging companies with there requirements, whether it is to line chutes, or an OEM part that requires PTFE.

We can help you. We hold a variety products that can be offered within this industry.

PTFE Glass cloth with or without adhesive 

Laminated PTFE, 

Silicone sponge with or without adhesive 

Metal Detectable Tape

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Aluminium Laminated Foil - CHR 2925-7

Aluminium Laminated Foil - CHR 2925-7As one of the tapes we recommend in Plasma Spray masking.Saint ..

From £12.96 Ex Tax: £10.80

HM350 High Modulus PTFE Film

High Modulus PTFE Film (Self wound) - ET53206 - HM350ET53206 - HM350 are manufactured from modified ..

From £33.92 Ex Tax: £28.27

Metal Detectable Tape

Metal Detectable TapeElder Tapes and Rubber have just launched a Metal Detectable RangeET23300MDT is..

From £88.69 Ex Tax: £73.91

PTFE Glass Cloth With Adhesive

PTFE Glass Cloth With AdhesiveOur PTFE coated fabric with a high performance, silicone pressure-sens..

From £7.91 Ex Tax: £6.59

R10470 M - General Purpose Silicone Sponge

R10470 M - General Purpose Silicone SpongeOur Silicone sponge rubber is a specification grade closed..

From £130.79 Ex Tax: £108.99

R10480 Low Compression Sponge

Low Compression SpongeOur Low compression range comes in a medium or soft  density as a closed ..

From £161.93 Ex Tax: £134.94