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Thermally Conductive

Thermally Conductive

Thermally Conductive Silicone 

This product is an unsupported thermally conductive uncured silicone structure, which gives it a high temperature stability and general inertness unavailable in any other elastomer.  In it’s uncured state this product serves as a thermal path and stress relief interface that provides thermal and mechanical protection to electronic devices.

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Supplied as medium-firm thermally conductive silicone sponge, utilises a closed cell material that can be used in most gasket applications.

The material is flexible and compressible and designed for use in extreme temperature ranges. It 's unique combination of properties  offers true compressible and conformability at low loading forces with providing a thermally conductive pathway.

Capable of meeting NASA out-gassing requirements

Conducts heat twice as fast as unfilled sponge.

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