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High-Performance Tapes

For years in the background of our Engineering Company, Elder have successfully been converting high-performance tapes with and without adhesives.

Being the UK Distributor for one of the leading manufacturers Saint-Gobain Performance plastics, and a distributor for Wildcat Taconic.

Elder Tapes and Rubber have become a division of Elder Engineering Herts Ltd, supplying tapes, rubber and sponges.

What started as just converting a few rolls, has now opened Elder Tapes and Rubber and Elder Engineering (Herts) Ltd up to Die Cutting, conversion and holding stock of a wide range of materials.

We hope our shop is easy to navigate.

We have set this to the industries and products we supply:

  • Aerospace         Electrical Tapes, PTFE Glass Cloths, PTFE, High Modulus PTFE
  • Automotive       Battery packs, Silicone Sprays, UHMW polyethene
  • Electrical             PET, Mylar, polyimide, PTFE,  PTFE Glass Cloth 
  • Thermal Spray    Fibreglass, Plasma, Foils, HVOF, Silicone Cloths
  • Packaging            PTFE, Laminated PTFE, SNS, Metal Detectable PTFE Tape, Silicone
  • Conformal           Polyimides, Polyester, Paper, Dots or shapes
  • Medical                 Fluorosilicone, PCTFE, ECTFE, FEP, White Silicone
What is Pressure Sensitive Tape?

Known also as PSA Tape, adhesive tape, or just tape is an adhesive tape that will stick with the application of pressure, without the need for a solvent (such as water or heat activation).

The three Key adhesives are rubber, acrylic and silicone, depending on the adhesion required and its operating temperature.

As the term implies, the adhesive is designed to activate when applied with pressure, and in some cases temperature.

As with all tapes it is always best to apply to a clean, grease free surface, with some adhesive thermosetting to apply a permanent adhesion.

Tell us about your application and we can assist you to find a suitable tape.

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Aluminium Laminated Foil

Aluminium Laminated Foil As one of the tapes we recommend in Plasma Spray masking.ET53300 used ..

From £12.10 Ex Tax: £10.08

Blue Plasma Tape

Blue Plasma Tape ET23810 is a blue silicone rubber coated glass fabric with a high temperature ..

From £22.50 Ex Tax: £18.75

ET400 High Temperature paper Masking Dots

ET400 High Temperature paper Masking Dots Conformal coating tapes / materials are applied to printed..

From £7.36 Ex Tax: £6.13

ET400 Paper Masking Tape

ET400 Paper Masking TapeET400 is manufactured as paper tape with a high temperature rubber adhesive...

From £0.95 Ex Tax: £0.79

ET501 Green Masking Dots

ET501 Green Masking DotsET501 fume protection tape protects the circuitry from chemical splashes an..

From £9.31 Ex Tax: £7.76

ET600 Polyimide Masking Dots

ET600 Polyimide Masking DotsConformal coating tapes / materials are applied to printed circuit board..

From £6.68 Ex Tax: £5.57

FEP Film

FEP FilmFEP film with silicone release systems are optimal for applications requiring electrical in..

From £34.68 Ex Tax: £28.90

Fibreglass Tape

Fibreglass Tape ET 53000ET53000 is manufactured from heat-resistant fibreglass cloth backing coated ..

From £10.78 Ex Tax: £8.98

Green Plasma Masking Tape

Green Plasma Masking TapePremium Grade high temperature silicone coated fiberglass cloth tape coated..

From £12.64 Ex Tax: £10.53

High Modulus PTFE Film (Self wound) - ET53206 - HM350

High Modulus PTFE Film (Self wound) - ET53206 - HM350ET53206 - HM350 are manufactured from modified ..

From £33.92 Ex Tax: £28.27

High Performance Skived PTFE ET53203

High Performance Skived PTFE ET53203Temp R Tape THET53203 Temp R Tape TH is manufactured from skive..

From £56.89 Ex Tax: £47.41

High Performance Skived PTFE Film

High Performance Skived PTFE FilmT Tape ET53201 is manufactured from skived PTFE film coated with hi..

From £0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

Metal Detectable Tape

Metal Detectable TapeElder Tapes and Rubber have just launched a Metal Detectable RangeET23300MDT is..

From £85.28 Ex Tax: £71.07

Nomex Kapton Nomex 222

Nomex Kapton Nomex 222Dupont Nomex® laminates type NKN are triplex laminates constructed of calender..

From £22.33 Ex Tax: £18.61

Nomex Kapton Nomex Laminate

Nomex Kapton Nomex LaminateET03903 - Nomex Kapton Nomex Laminate grade 525 manufactured by Dupont, a..

From £33.00 Ex Tax: £27.50