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ET53300 is manufactured from aluminium foil laminated to fibreglass cloth with a high temperature silicone adhesive on one side.

ET53300 performs as a plasma or flame spray masking tapes, allowing areas to be free of grit blasting and the plasma spray coating. Its high temperature resistance makes it ideal for heat and reflectant tapes, and it is used in aerospace and automotive markets as a wire harness bundling tape in engine components.

ET53300 also is used in sound and vibration dampening product.

A new range that has recently been promoted by Elder Tapes and Rubber is a Metal Detectable Tapes - particularly designed for the Food Industry.

ET23300 MDT - Our first Metal Detectable tape that was launched by Elder Tapes and Rubber in 2013. Supplied in natural colour, 5 thou thick in 33m length.

ET23301 MDT BLK Black Metal Detectable tape 3 thou thick + adhesive supplied in 30m rolls.

ET23301 MDT BLU Blue Metal Detectable tape 3 thou thick + adhesive supplied in 30m rolls.

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Metal Detectable Tape

Metal Detectable TapeElder Tapes and Rubber have just launched a Metal Detectable RangeET23300MDT is..

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