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Plasma HVOF

Plasma HVOF

Thermal Spray Coatings are used in both OEM and maintenance applications to enhance the performance of parts in terms of wear, corrosion and / or temperature resistance. Tape masking creates a temporary barrier to prevent the application of a thermal spray coating to a specific area.

Elder Tapes and Rubber Plasma HVOF family of masking tape products provide areas of protection from the effects of grit blasting and thermal spraying. These tapes will prevent the bonding of sprayed materials utilising the combustion or plasma spray methods of coating.

They retain their original physical properties, such as adhesion and dimensional stability, through the stress of thermal spraying. All of the Plasma HVOF masking tapes are highly conformable. They remove easily without breaking or leaving adhesive residue.

We hold a variety of products that we would recommend to this industry, below you will find the products that are stocked or available from Elder Tapes and Rubber.

  • ET23816            Plasma Spray Tape + silicone adhesive supplied on a yellow liner    CSS13 Approved (Rolls Royce)
  • ET23816SW      Plasma Spray Tape + silicone adhesive supplied as self wound (no liner) CSS13 Approved (Rolls Royce)
  • ET23825G         Plasma Spray Tape Green + silicone adhesive supplied on a liner    CSS13 Approved (Rolls Royce)
  • ET53300            Fiberglass reinforced aluminum foil.
Our ET53300 has silicone pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of fibreglass reinforced aluminium foil. Its excellent conform ability and heat reflective surface make it the preferred choice in many applications. The tape can with stand the effects of moderate grit blasting and thermal spraying. ET53300 can be used as a mask to protect plexiglass windows when corrosive chemicals are used to remove exterior paint from a aircraft. This tape has also been used to sound and vibration damping, and as a high temperature wire harness.

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2975 - 8 Plasma Spray Tape

2975 - 8 Plasma Spray Tape2975 - 8 ET23816 is manufactured from silicone rubber/fibreglass cloth bac..

From £11.28 Ex Tax: £9.40

Blue Plasma Tape - DW410

Blue Plasma Tape  - DW410Dewal DW410 is a blue silicone rubber coated glass fabric with a high ..

From £23.40 Ex Tax: £19.50

Fibreglass Tape - CHR 2915-7

Fibreglass Tape - CHR 2915-7 Glass- Cloth pressure Sensitive Adhesive TapeSaint Gobain's CHR 29..

From £10.93 Ex Tax: £9.11

GBI - 170-10G Green Plasma Masking Tape

GBI - 170-10G Green Plasma Masking TapePremium Grade high temperature silicone coated fiberglass clo..

From £12.68 Ex Tax: £10.57