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Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder Coating generally can call for a tape to mask off the areas that need to be avoided when going through a coating process.

Below are some of the products we would recommend for the Powder Coating industry.

Should you have a requirement for other tapes that are not listed please contact us.


High temperature paper tape + rubber adhesive, available as slit rolls to your required width or as a dot to the diameter you require.


Green Polyester Silicone free tape. with rubber adhesive., Elder Tapes and rubber can supply these slit to your required width or die cut to a shape.

For die cuts, shapes and dots please contact us for a quotation.


Polyimide film + silicone adhesive 1 thou thick.


Aluminium foil laminated to fibreglass cloth with a high temperature silicone adhesive

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ET400 Paper Masking Tape

ET400 Paper Masking TapeET400 is manufactured as paper tape with a high temperature rubber adhesive...

From £0.95 Ex Tax: £0.79

ET501 Green Masking Dots

ET501 Green Masking DotsET501 fume protection tape protects the circuitry from chemical splashes an..

From £10.22 Ex Tax: £8.52

ET600 Polyimide Masking Dots

ET600 Polyimide Masking DotsConformal coating tapes / materials are applied to printed circuit board..

From £11.82 Ex Tax: £9.85

Polyimide Film with adhesive

ET600 Polyimide FilmET600 is our recommended product for the 3D Printing and the Conformal Coatings ..

From £3.29 Ex Tax: £2.74