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Introducing ElderBake.

Never throw away another baking tray again.

We offer a non stick solution to your every day cooking needs, you would not need to purchase foil or parchment paper again.

We cut these to your baking tray size, these can be supplied in discs for cake liners, microwaves, frying pans.

ElderBake is food approved PTFE Cloth that can be used hundreds of times over.


Can this be used in a dishwasher? 
Yes, this product is dishwasher safe.

How do I clean this product?
Do not use abrasive cleaning products on this material ie: scouring pads.

Note some discoloration may occur, however, this does not affect the product.
Can be used, in Fryingpans, microwaves, BBQ, cake decorating, and baking.

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ElderBake Bakers Set (6 Piece)

ElderBake Bakers SetElderBake PTFE Non-stick  Cake liners, used for roasting, baking and as a n..

From £17.40 Ex Tax: £14.50

ElderBake Baking sheets

ElderBake Baking SheetsElderBake PTFE Non-stick Baking sheets and Cake liners, used for roasting, ba..

From £6.41 Ex Tax: £5.34

ElderBake Circles

ElderBake CirclesElderBake PTFE Non-stick Cake liners, used for roasting, baking and as a non-stick..

From £1.67 Ex Tax: £1.39

ElderBake Multi-grade Cook Set (6 Piece)

ElderBake Multi-grade Cook SetElderBake PTFE Non-stick Baking sheets and Cake liners, used for roas..

From £15.90 Ex Tax: £13.25

PTFE Glass Cloth

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